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Sunset Sail

Annapolis Sunset

There's something magical about sailing on the Chesapeake Bay at sunset. The colors seem to be more intense when reflected off the water; mix in the sound of the waves lapping against the boat, ospreys cruising the sky making their distinctive cry, and a cool dusk breeze moving in. You won't find a better way to relax and end the day.

Annapolis is home to a very active sailing fleet so there are always boats out, but you see fewer sailors on the water during the week. This makes for peaceful evenings gliding along the water, listening to it ripple beneath, and then sailing back into the setting sun with Historic Annapolis and the Naval Academy in the foreground.  Okay, so if you're trying to get out of D.C. you might have to sneak out a little early, but it is well worth it.  Why not close early and bring the team?

After your perfect sail you can pay a visit to Davis's Pub, a favorite of Annapolis sailors and only a quick walk from the dock. Great for a nightcap, as you won't want the feeling to end.